Get to know us!

Hello! Tunnel Vision is a creative business initiated by artists Eloise Wyatt and Lewis Hutchings. We have a studio based at Beehive Farm in Rosliston, with beautiful surroundings and a community of other amazing small businesses; it is a relaxing and exciting place to have a studio.

After graduating from Loughborough University with a degree in Fine Art, both Eloise and Lewis found a love for shooting video and taking photographs. Through designing album covers for bands and being commissioned to do a versatile range of design work, Eloise grew a passion for digital and multimedia Fine Art. Alongside her multimedia work Eloise’s artistic practice includes sculpture, painting and charcoal/pastel works. Lewis specialises predominantly in sculpture, but has a keen eye for composition and his ideas and image construction make for some captivating photographs. Lewis is also a musician and plays bass guitar in alternative rock band, Bad Llama. Music is a passion of ours as we aim to help aspiring musicians and creative practitioners who are trying to establish their talents.